Thursday, 25 March 2010

Promotional gifts for digital age

As times move forwards in to the 21st century and the televisions and radios all go digital it's only right that promotional gifts move with the times. The range of laptops, netbooks and alike have led to a plethera of usb based products and so it was inevitable that the world of printed promotional gifts would soon catch up and so it has become the case.

Promotional USB flashdrives are proving to be incredibly popular in 2010 when you consider how cost effective they are. The range of styles of flash drive (or memory stick as they're sometimes called) formats available is ever increasing. The capacities of flash drive available start from as small as 512mb and range to in excess of 16gb which is a substantial amount of storage to aid you in promoting your message.

Most flashdrives come in a form of stick shape and slip in to your pocket easily but there is a new kid on the block that more innovative and is ideal for exhibitions and conferences. This is the wristband usb which is made from silicone and incorporates a usb drive in to a section of the band that can be seperated to reveal the section which inserts in to the computer. This section is also where your logo is printed and the same can be said of the standard usb flashdrive designs.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Promotional Gifts that stick around

It's coming up to the end of the financial year and many organisations are attempting to use up the remainders of their budgets before the new ones come in. What better time to invest in coporate promotional gifts to help promote the message of various campaigns that may be in operation either now or in the forthcoming period.

There is a huge variety of items on offer right now to help you spraed that all important message better than any other format out there. Promotional pens are always among the best selling budget busting promotional gifts around with the large quantities available and low unit cost making them very appealing. Keyrings are also a really good and low cost promotional giveaway for making a real impact with people.

Probably the most cost effective promotional giveaways when weighing up cost against spread of the message are printed paper stickers whic are available from only 2p a sticker and are available on rolls in quantities in excess of 50000 stickers. As you can see, these products really are the most effective tools for promoting a campaign and can be use be adults and children alike and worn with pride! Get your printed pens and make note now af this fantastic product.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Summer promotional gifts

The season of sun, sea and seasonal promotional gifts is soon to be upon us. All the more reason to ensure that your summer campaigns have the right printed pens and other items to carry across your message. You have to remember that in the summer, people are far more likely to be out and about enjoying to weather (assuming it's possible this year) so one subtle feature to consider is how your message is likely to be seen.

In the winter you may have considered items such as thermo mugs and fleeces which are by no means inappropriate. However, coming the summer months if (as many companies do) you are intending to set up an outside stall or marquee then you want promotional products to attract people's attention as they pass by.

One great item you could consider would be an order of promotional balloons with their vibrant colours and extremely low cost per unit. Another great outdoor product is the promotional paper flag which when supplied in abundance spreads your message like no other. These are both very effective tools, however after a while they'll be disposed off which is great for a short term campaign, however if you are after a longer term device for keeping your message in your potential customers hands, then you need you think about promotional pens and printed pencils which are also low cost but ca have a lifespan of months or longer!