Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pens printed with your corporate ID

Everybody likes to have a pen in their pocket, just in case they need to jot something down quickly or take down those all important details. Every driver should have one in their car in case the worst happens, tradesmen need them to give written quotations to potential customers and executives and students need them to take notes in those all important meetings and lectures.

So many people rely on them without realising it and because of this it makes a huge amount of sense for companies to use this opportunity to brand these popular promotional products and turn them in to a great tool for creating brand awareness.

To make these products work best, they need to be dispersed in large quantities which is why it is important to get value for money. Low cost promotional pens such as the value pen or style pen are a great place to start although the range of available printed pens is ever increasing.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Promotional gifts or printed giveaways

Every so often in the year you'll come across an occasion when you'll feel the need to invest in promotional products with your name, brand or corporate ID printed on it...

These items can take all forms, shapes and sizes. If you want to treat your employees, promotional gifts are a great way to show them how valuable you feel they are to you and your company. The items could be anything from an executive metal pen with your name and 'thank you' engraved on it, to something equally as practical like USB flashdrives.

If you are focusing more on your customers or a specific event, then perhaps printed giveaways may be more suitable. There's a lot to choose from including balloons, caps, bookmarks, printed pens, badges, bags and much more.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Find the promotional key to promote your message

The property market is picking up and poeple are starting to move house... ths makes me think... there must be so many keys floating around at times like this, all attached to their keyrings too!

To me it sounds like the perfect opportunity to promote your message in a way that will be passed around on a regular basis. Promotional keyrings come in so many different forms and they're a very cost effective way to advertise your message. They can range from trolley coin keyrings for use in your trolley's and gym lockers to standard leather keyrings and plastic keyrings or even floating keyrings if you're habourside! Why not check them out here?