Thursday, 31 December 2009

Diversity of promotional gifts

The diverse ranges of promotional gifts are quite staggering when all is considered. All shapes and sizes are available from very small pocket keyrings and ad clips to great big thunder stix and tote bags. Promotional gifts can take many formats in order to get your message across.

If your brand was printed on the front of should bags which were then for sales or distributed to college students, you could guarantee that your message would not just be seen on campus but also further afield, wherever the bag gets taken in fact. Similarly this can be said for most other promotional gifts. Most people carry a pen around the place with them so there's no reason why that pen couldn't have your corporate i.d. on it. Now imagine that was for sale somewhere where not only could you get your brand spread around like wildfire, but also you could make a profit on its sales.

It makes sense which is why so many educational institutions make use of them every year. See what al the fuss is about at

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Smash the hardest of frost with promotional Ice Scrapers

We’re having the coldest of winters this year, the roads are treacherous and the cars are iced over in frost. So why not order in your Printed Ice Scrapers today. Don’t let the winter weather stop you from promoting your business.Printed Ice Scrapers have a good sized print area and are designed to withstand the hardest frost. Not only that, but there are other ice scrapers available if this particular one doesn’t take your fancy. For example, the recycled ice scraper, or the recycled elite promotional ice scraper, both of which are environmentally friendly but products that will still get rid of that troublesome frost.

If you own a car wash, why not consider selling these alongside your valets, people always forget to go a buy ice scrapers as they consider to be the sort of items that they should go and pick up when they're out and about. The only problem is that they don't think about the fact that they've got to get there in the first place so you end up with silly billy's driving along with only half clear windscreens. Make the most of yor brand this winter!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Promotional gifts rule the world!

You may not think it but we've been invaded... gradual infiltration over the last 20 years! Oh yes, they're all around us, in our pockets, in our cupboards, even around our necks! Arrrrgggh! I hear you cry...

Well fear not my friend... I can reassure you that it's not some deadly alien virus come to finish us all off, I'm talking about promotional gifts! Promotional pens are often in our hands and pockets, printed with a company logo and message. The same applies to keyrings and mugs, though I wouldn't try putting a branded mug in your pocket! I mentioned they're around our necks didn't I? Well I was referring to printed lanyards, showing off a corporate identity all the way around your neck and down your front in the subtlest of ways.

You see, promotional gifts really are everywhere!

Work off those pounds and work on your message!

So it’s coming up to the Christmas period and we’re all in the festive mood. We are eating more, some are drinking more and we are piling on the pounds. But instead of feeling down about the gained weight, why not get your order in of promotional printed pedometers.

So come the New Year you can start loosing that weight and keep track of how much you’ve lost. Sure there are other ways you can loose the weight, join a gym, diet or start exercising yourself. But with the Printed Pedometer, you can keep track on what you’re doing with accurate and reliable results.

If you're a member of a fitness club then this is also ideal for the whole group as a real way to watch the pounds drop off and compare results. Simply order the quantity your require and have your logo printed on them too - a great way to promote yourself!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Don't forget a thing with post-its

It's a busy time of year and so much to do but even less time to do it in. All the more reason to make sure you get in your order of promotional desk pads, printed sticky mates and branded pens so that, come the new year, you'll all be fully organised and raring to go.

Ok, so there are plenty of alternative ways of recording messages, reminders and dates. Some of these include digital organisers, mobile phones and good old filofaxes, but in the end, the first thing that people look for when wanting to jot down that all important note are Post-It Notes.

Make sure message speak loud and clear all year long in 2010 on everybody's desk with promotional sticky mates from the promotional desktop products range.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Party on with promotional balloons

The party season is finally upon up so instead of wrapping up warm all huddled up, lots of people are heading out to Christams parties... some work related and some social. Either, or, the essential decoration has to be balloons. I mean all parties have to be decked out to the maximum with streamers and alike.

The only problem with most decorations though is that they often get thrown away, so after their moment of glory they get end up crumbled up in a recycling centre somewhere.

The same cannot be said for printed balloons though as they are often commandeered by people to take back with them afterwards... what more reason do you need to take advantage of this fact and get balloons printed with your logo and message. It's a reminder who paid for the party, but also that you want to be seen as joining in the spirit of the celebration.

Promotional balloons don't alsways have to be for parties though, as often they are released in to the air in remembrance or dedication of something on a specific ocassion. Why not float the idea around yourself!