Friday, 26 February 2010

Promotional gifts that are fun!

Friendly, furry and fun to be around - that's what sums up promotional bugs! What on earth are bugs though, surely not promotional viruses and infections! Well you can rest assured that they are nothing quite so hazardous. These little rascals will iterally stick around for agaes with your message in tow. Who could resist their adorable feet and doe-eyed expression? These superb message carriers can be attached to any surface by simply peeling off the soles of their sticky feet. your message will be expertly printed on the ribbon for all to see.

There are a variety are different promotional gifts around based on advertising bugs. These include Action bookmarks wich have a themed bug attached to a bookmark which will be printed with your corporate i.d. or message. Action rascals are similar to standard bugs but their themed with characters avilable like nurses, policemen and teachers. There are even fruit and veg styled bugs, animals and themed bugs like devils and suns. With so many to choose from you can understand exactly why, when printed with your logo they can prove to be very popular promotional giveaways.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Drawing a line under rubbish promotional products

For all the hype about new methods of self promotion from Twitter and Facebook to Interactive TV and subliminal advertising, there's a format for advertising ones brand that has a proven track record - Promotional  Products!

Growing up you may have been excited at the prospect of finding a new free toy in your cereal and as you got older perhaps this excitement has slipped in to the dim and distant past. For grown-ups however, toy's aren't what it's all about, it's practical items that are of more interest. Practical items don't have to be boring or cheap though and they can make for very effective promotional gifts with a message that can be as overt or covert as you like.

Merchandise that can be printed with a corporate identity and used to promote oneself can include everything from clothing to desktop products such pen pots, promotional rulers and promotional pencils.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Printed Magnets help your message to stick around

So you want to keep your message in regular view with it getting in the way of your customers. Well it's only sensible that you'd select your product based on it's ability to be seen but without being intrusive. There are several products that fit the bill such a Post It Notes or soft enamel badges and button badges. Whilst these promotional products have lots of positive points, they are products that will be moved around and possibly disposed of over time.

Promotional Quality Fridge Magnets are much better from the perspective of staying in view yet retaining their functionality. They are highly practical ultra thin and provide many advertising opportunities, ideal for attaching to flyers, brochures and mass mailings to get the word out. Once in the palm of your customers hand, these great advertising gifts can create a positive residual perception of your brand when stuck up on the fridge or other appliance showing off your company or organisation in an obvious yet subtle way.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Take your message to new heights with Promotional Balloons

Inject some excitement in to your next campaign with these effective walking advertisements. Promotional Balloons are the ideal promotional products to effectively inflate your company name and logo. these quality latex balloons are screen printed for superior colour reproduction and really create a feel good factor at any charity event or product launch. Balloon accessories and helium gas are available on request.Your customers will be blown away by the print quality!

Printed balloons can be used in a variety of contexts including parties and celebratory events to exhibitions and tradeshows. The fact that right now you can get 10000+ balloons printed with your logo and message for only 5p makes these promotional giveaways a virtual no-brainer!